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About The Community
So you've seen the insert Dawn comms on lj. Well this ones an insert Max community. All you have to do is claim an episode of Buffy and insert Max however you see fit. You can rewrite an entire episode or just one key scene. It can be from Max's POV or another characters. It's up to you. Just explore how Max's presence effects certain episodes.

Example: What did Max turn into during "Halloween"? How was Max affected in "The Wish"? What did Max sing about in "Once More With Feeling"? Did the First visit Max in "Conversations With Dead People"? If so who did The First appear to her as?
1. Fiction and artwork are both excepted. Fics should be at least 150 words in length.

2. Only one person per episode. Each participant is allowed to claim 1 or 2 episodes.

3. You can post whenever you're finished. Though everything is due March 1st. That gives you 3 months to complete your claim.

4. Please post directly to the commmunity. That way if you ever choose to delete your journal we won't lose your fic.

5. There's no specific template for posting fic. Just make sure to include the episode claimed, rating, ships(if necessary), any warnings, etc... Everything besides the header MUST be behind a cut. Even shorter fic.

6. No bashing of any kind. If you decide Max dislikes Andrew that's fine. There's a difference between one character hating another and the writer letting her hate for another character show through in their fic.

7. No off-topic posting. There are communities for that stuff.

8. If you're posting fic, please try to use a beta reader.
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